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3 min readAug 6, 2020


I seem to be sleepless tonight.

Every moment I fall asleep something seems to find a way to rise me out of my dreams. Maybe it’s one of those days when your body is so tired it can’t seem to find the energy to sleep or it’s just the effects of La Lune.

Let me tell you a story that I’m in love with. It’s apt for tonight.

It’s called The Legend of Kuekuatsheu.


“Why is the Moon so lonely?”

Because she used to have a lover, and they lived in the Spirit World.

Every night, they would wander the skies together: but unfortunately one of the other spirits, Trickster was jealous. He wanted the Moon to himself.

So one day he told Kuekuatsheu to go and get the Moon flowers from Earth as she had asked for them.

Kuekuatsheu immediately turned into a wolf and entered the Human World to search for the wild roses that the Moon wanted. What he didn’t know was that once he entered, he couldn’t go back.

And so, every night, to this day, whenever he looks at the Moon at her brightest, he howls out her name. He can see her, every single night, but he can never touch her again.

To this day, Kuekuatsheu roams the Earth and howls at the Moon.

I wonder if tonight, he saw her at her brightest?

Maybe tonight, after almost 70 years, all this time she’s been trying to get close to him and this is the most she can manage without damaging the Earth that he lives on.

In French, La Lune: means, The Moon.
And Lunacy: comes from the same word. People believed that the Moon had the capacity to drive people into lunacy. Their odd behaviours and inexplainable reactions were said to be because of the Moon.

But I think it’s different.

I think there are some Moon babies and some Sun babies: some people are made to be romantics where as the Sun babies are meant to be logical.
Moon babies believe in the magic of the night. In the fairytale world of love. Moon babies see the world for what it could be: for its always after the watching eyes of the Sun set, that people seem to reach their truest and purest form. Find me one Man who has scowled at the Moon — and I’ll change my name forever.

Tides and wolves react to the powers of the Moon, so who is Man in front of her? The Moon, lonely of heart, seems to drive her babies in the same direction.

Either we become the love that shines every night or the lover that howls in misery.

Maybe it’s because the Moon shines so bright tonight, maybe because the Moon has always brought about a sense of peace to me.
What was the Moon up to,
When she made our souls meet?
Is this her way of loving,
Of helping us find our Lone-Wolves?

My feelings for you can’t seem to be explained by words borrowed from any language: all I can say is that the Moon seems to be at play, and this makes me smile.

After 70 years she shines her brightest tonight,
There has to be a reason that we had to meet before this occurrence, or possibly, could it be, that we are the reason for this occurrence?



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